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Bringing your community together with an inclusive playground has immense benefits on a social, physical, and emotional level. At Kidstime Playgrounds, we know that children with special needs want to have a fun, rewarding play experience just like all children. Special needs playground equipment is important because every child deserves the right to play regardless of their physical abilities. 

We are proud to offer ADA Playgrounds and playground enhancements to bring fun and joy to all individuals.

Double wide ramping is available in all play structures including steel, recycled, and themed playgrounds. Browse our featured enhancements to an ADA playground below. 

Liberty Swing

A swing that allows children in wheelchairs the opportunity to experience the joy of having a swing in the park.

Ability Whirl

With no need for a transfer station, this is a great addition to any playground designer looking to add inclusive components.

Inclusive Orbit

The unique design of the Inclusive orbit allows a child to roll onto, stand or sit while spinning as fast as their hearts can go.

Bringing your community together with an inclusive playground

ADA and inclusive playground equipment makes that happen with ease. Inclusive playgrounds feature greater accessibility, like a wide ramp throughout the structure, play panels at ground level and on the structure, or modular shade, climbers, and slides.

A child who has physical challenges is often unable to access and engage with a traditional playground through ladders and stairs. Offering a commercial all-abilities playground for everyone to enjoy allows children to engage with other children of different abilities and backgrounds, which benefits the development of essential social, physical, and emotional skills. To include children of all abilities in a play space, it’s essential to design and install commercial playgrounds that include play components that encourages children to develop their physical, social, sensory, and cognitive skills. 

Instead of just providing accessibility to a playground, we create inclusive play environments that provide unique opportunities for children of all ages and abilities to play together. Outdoor play spaces that break down physical access barriers and social interaction barriers allowing all children to participate can unite communities in meaningful ways. Some of the components you might consider for inclusive play are items such as ADA ramps and handrails, musical and activity panels, or a specialty swing that accommodates a wheelchair.

Invest in creating a play environment that prepares future generations to communicate and engage with people of varying abilities and ensure that children of all abilities have a great play experience.

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