Stainless Steel Slides

Playground slides make an important contribution to the child’s development. When a child climbs up a slide and then successfully positions themselves and then and pushes down the chute, they are building valuable balance and coordination skills. These quality stainless steel slides do not emit a static charge, making them a great choice for kids with cochlear implants.

More Information about Stainless Steel Slides

Handcrafted in Germany, these slides are not only stylish, but they are engineered to be safe for children with cochlear implants by cutting out that electric charge. These slides can be custom designed and custom ordered.

Quick Highlights

  • Ages: 5-12
  • Capacity: 58
  • Use Zone: 43′ x 36’
  • Fall Height: 6’
  • Structure Size: 31′ x 25’
  • ADA accessible via transfer station

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