As a childhood favorite, playground swings are the perfect way to boost fun and play value at your site! Children of all ages love the thrill that comes from swinging back and forth. We can help you choose the perfect swing frame to fit your needs.

Featured Playground swings

The first step in designing your playground swing is to choose your frame style. From the traditional bi-bod frame to the space-saving single post frame, we offer a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. Determine the number of bays, seat type, and color and children will be swinging in no time!

Single Post Swing Frames

Constructed from 5″ diameter steel, these frames feature an 8′ height and are available with or without shade.

Featured Models

  • Configurable for 1-4+ swing bays
  • Can be installed with or without shade
  • Constructed with 5″ diameter steel posts

Biggo Swings

The best things in life are shared, so Dynamo took a traditional playground favorite and made it better. This fully accessible Biggo Swing can be used by up to four children of any age at a time! All sharing the wonderful sensation of safely soaring through the air in our unique parabolic arc. The dish-like swing conjures up shared images of soaring space ships or flying carpets, all while helping children of all abilities develop their balance, equilibrium, and social interaction.

Featured Models

  • Biggo Classic
  • Biggo Spia
  • Biggo Ovni
  • Biggo Tres


The T-Swing is ideal for children aged 6-23 months or 2-5 years and pairs with full or half bucket seats. Available with or without shade and features a 5″ square post.

Featured Models

  • No shade
  • Shade

A Frame Swing Sets (Pod Swing Frames)

Constructed from 2 ⅜” galvanized steel tubing with cast aluminum junctions, these swing frames feature an 8′ or 10′ height. Use “Swing PC Charge” per bay when ordering for a powder coated frame.

Featured Models

  • Configurable for 1 – 3+ Swing Bays
  • Constructed with 2 ⅜” galvanized steel
  • Adaptable for multiple swing types

Arc Swing Frames

Constructed from 3.5″ or 5″ diameter steel, these frames feature an 8′ height and are for use with swing seats or tire swings.

Featured Models

  • Configurable for 1 – 4+ Swing Bays
  • Constructed with 3.5″ or 5″ post size
  • Adaptable for multiple swing types

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